modular floating pontoon dock system

Now days floating pontoons are used everywhere, from themeparks to marinas and from temporary to permanent. All these applications benefit from their manoeuvrability, durability and performance. It have led to their rapid and wide expanding as an excellent alternative to traditional fixed docks because of their easy handling, maintenance free and cost efficiency. The modular pontoon floats could be constructed with different configurations , materials, flotation units and walkway decking under specific conditions of applications and functional requirements.




Whether you are new to use the floating pontoons or not, it is important to make the right choice to enhance your overall experience. People purchase floating pontoons for all kinds of reasons. No matter it is for sailing or rowing, commerical or pleasure, on  lake or sea. Moreover, it’s not easy to choose a right solution. Here we will  help you to figure out the diverse applications of floating pontoons that will result in an amazing marine experience.

Floating Jetty System

A floating jetty system could be constructed into any size by assembling a number of standard modular units. It is mostly used as floating platforms for cottage, bridge, walkways as a ramp for you to walk on the water to wherever you want.

Modular Floating Dock

Modulat floating dock system is easy to assemble and can satisfied by any of your custom needs. The pontoon floats can be used and constructed as marinas, boat docks, launching docks and other water sports structures. They can be implemented for both marine and leisure industrial projects.

Rowing Docks

Our modular floating pontoons are perfect for use at commercial rowing facilities and kayak sites. The specifications make it perfactly suitable for use in the rowing market, they provide much wide freeboard and ample flotation capacity.

Jet Ski Floating Dock

The floating PWC lifts and jet ski docks from us are easy to install with simple processes. It doesn’t require any special tools. Our PWC and floating jet ski docks will provide you with everything you need to quickly install and enjoy more fun on it.

Floating Fish Cage

Floating Fish Cage is a fish farming facility that consists of floating fish cage, floating dock and floating house.They are altogether to form an integrated floating system. We can customize it according to your specific needs. They are suitable for hatchery, nursery, growing or even aquaculture based tourism.

Floating Work Platform

The floating work platforms could support weight of a scaffold or a water pump, they facilitate access to water for workers or divers, they can also be used in water treatment plants. 

Floating Solar Platform

The Modular HDPE floating pontoons are widely applied in the floating solar industry,it’s a perfact solution for the floating platform.

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