Frequently Asked Questions

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modular floating dock

Why are there a lot sellers supplying the similar floating pontoons at a very low price?

You can always find much cheaper floating pontoons on the market because they are produced in any possible cheap ways.With our pontoon floats, we have been investing large capital on R&D and high performance equipmemts,they are produced as per international standard. Moreover we use  only 100% orginal raw material and never use recycled one in production,these enable our pontoons have higher quality,better performance and longer lifespan than many other suppliers.

How could I choose the right floating pontoons?

Just tell us what you would like to have once you identified the need of the floating platform, we’ll help you to create the floating system design and layout that will best suit your project requirements.

What is the warranty and lifespan of your plastic pontoons?

We offer 5 years warranty if there are none of any artifical damages during the warranty period,the lifespan of our plastic pontoons is over 20 years.

Can I install your modular floating dock by myself?

Yes for sure. Our modular floating dock floats are most easy to put together and install with the simple instructions or assistance from us.

What color could I choose for my floating jetty?

We have basic colors to choose from that includes: orange, blue and grey.We always prepare a ready delivery stock of them for urgent needs.Well,you may like to make your project unique,as of 500 square meters we will produce the plastic pontoon floats in any color you like.

Do I need to take the floating platform  and floating jetty or floating walkway in during winter time?

There is no need to do this but anyway it will reduce the growth of weed and barnacle . The modular pontoon system can easily be towed by a quad bike or ordinary car or truck. This of course, depends on the size the platform but they can also easily be disassemblied into sections for convenient storage.

The temperature is very high/low in my region,can I use it?

Our floating pontoon system is made by HMWHDPE(heavy molecular weight high density polyethylene),the unique specifications allow our pontoon blocks adapt to any conditions like extreme high/low temperature,humidity and strong UV/Sunshine.

I got a helicopter and would like to have a landing floating dock on water,is it possible?

Our modular pontoon blocks are an ideal solution for a floating helipad.They are easy to build,less costing and minimum maintenance.

We will build a floating solar plant,can we use your pontoon float as the floating solution?

The floating solar plant have lots of distinct advantages, such as improved the cooling effects of water and the decreased presence of dust etc. Our plastic pontoon floats are perfact for the application of floating solar platform as the light weight,easy handling and less maintenance.