Modular floating dock system from China

Our modular pontoon docks are the ideal docking solutions for your boats, jet skis, kayaks, watercraft and other PWCs. Made with original high-density polyethylene materials, the floating dock system is extremely light, durable, easy to install and it does not require any special tools or technical skills. The concept and design makes it especially stable and safe, so it offers you a better access to your boats and PWCs and allows you to berth them easily one behind another. You also could keep your boats clean and dry out of water to prevent weed growth, barnacles and other organisms.

We are devoted to provide you the most reliable plastic floating docks system! It is a revolutionary product that would be replacing the massive wooden, metal and cement docks. Whatever floating constructions you will build up on water,it would be the ultimate solution for:

Residential docks

Industrial docks

Marinas docks

Military docks

Floating swimming pools

Boat lift system

PWC lift system

Canoeing, kayaking and rowing docks

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Our docking system is mostly simple to install, flexible and durable. They can be constructed to accommodate a wide various of boats.


The modular and portable design allows you to make it available in any shape or size. Our floating docks work with any type of watercrafts.


The drive on dock keeps your PWC dry and protect your boats. It offers you a safe and convenience space for maintenance or other activities.

jet ski dock

Floating Jet Ski Dock

yamaha pontoon dock

Jet Ski Float

jet ski pontoon

Plastic Jet Ski Dock

modular dock floats

Jet Ski Dock Float

Drive On Dock

Drive On Boat Docks

Jet Ski Platform

Jet Ski Platform

Marina Dock

Marina Dock

floating boat dock

Floating Boat Dock

plastic boat dock

Plastic Boat Dock

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  1. can I apply the wooden house at the above of modular floating dock in order to float the wooden house. Is that practical?

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