A beautiful floating bridge in a scenic area in Enshi city, central China’s Hubei province has attracted many tourists. Its eye-catching view creates undulating waves as cars pass the bridge.

China’s floating bridge measures 500m long and 4.5m wide. Since it’s built along a winding river, it twists and turns through the picturesque area. On a normal day, you can witness over 10,000 visitors here. Walking or driving on this bridge is a sensational experience. It gives you the feeling of actually moving on water. Lush green forests surround this floating bridge. And the water faces ripples when a car is driving on it.

The bridge attracts over 10,000 visitors on a normal day, and walking or driving on it is said to be a sensational experience. The lush green forests surrounding the bridge add to its natural beauty, and the water’s ripples when a car moves on it create an undulating wave effect that is quite eye-catching.

Enshi city is known for its natural beauty, and the floating bridge is just one of the many attractions in the area. Visitors can also explore the nearby Enshi Grand Canyon, which features towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and crystal-clear streams. The area is also home to many ethnic minority groups, including the Tujia and Miao, who have their own unique customs, culture, and architecture.

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