Best Floating Dock Supplier In China: Expertise Since 2000

Since the year 2000, PONTOON CHINA has been dedicated to producing modular floating dock systems for residential and commercial constructions. We leverage our expertise in design and technology while adhering to the international standard ISO9001, certified by SGS. With continuous investments in our team, R&D, and cutting-edge technology, we have solidified our position as the leading and most recognized floating docks supplier and manufacturer in the marine industry.

No matter your floating project, whether it's residential floating docks, drive-on floating docks, floating dock walkways, floating swim pools, floating fish farms, floating solar panels, or any other floating platforms, PONTOON CHINA is your trusted floating dock supplier near you, dedicated to making your experience easy, efficient, and enjoyable.

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Your Trusted Floating Dock Supplier

As the best floating dock company, we are committed to delivering excellence with best floating docks for sale. With over 20 years of experience, we have built a strong reputation based on our dedicated team and quality products. We specialize in providing cost-efficient modular dock cubes at the highest standard. Being the leading floating dock supplier in China, we also prioritize other valuable commitments to our customers.

Firm Commitments To Our Clients

We offer 360-degree service, encompassing everything from manufacturing the modules to storing stock items. Whether you are an installer or user of floating dock systems, you only need to work with one company. This ensures the success of your event or project, with remarkable cost savings without compromising the efficiency and quality of our floating docks and services.

Our facility

Our state-of-the-art facility spans over 48,000 square meters and is equipped with high-performance injection and blow molding machines. We are continuously developing modular docks and floating dock accessories to provide innovative solutions tailored to your custom needs. Collaborating with institutions, our projects receive robust support, maintenance, and ongoing development. We employ modern technologies in modeling and simulation methods to further optimize our development processes.

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Modern Equipments

Morden equipments with high efficient productivity

floating pontoon equipments

Original Material

Pure original HDPE raw material used in production

floating pontoon equipments

Modular Docks

Marine dock supplies as per the international standard

floating dock facility

Docks Inventory

Volume production for safe stock and urgent cases

floating dock facility

Professional Facility

Professional facility to enable efficient production and volume

floating dock facility

Shipping & Delivery

Global shipping and delivery scheduling and arrangement