floating ponton dock builder

Our Company

Since the year of 2000, MFI Floating Pontoons was established to produce floating pontoon dock system for residential and commercial solutions. We build on our strengths of design and technology with the international standard ISO9001 approved by SGS. With constant investment in people, R&D, cutting-edge technology and high quality, all these efforts make us as one of the recognized suppliers of high quality products in our industry.

No matter what kind of project you have, such as a jetty, boat dock,swim pool,fish cage, floating solar, floating platforms,etc. We could provide an overall solution and configure it to any shapes you like. It makes everything easy and more efficiency,what you need to do is just enjoy the funs and relax on water.

Our Service

We provide 360 degree service from manufacturing the modules,storing all the stock items,planning your design, supporting the installation and ensuring the correct health and safety considerations.  Either you are a floating pontoon dock installer or user, you only need to deal with one company. It ensures that your event or project is a complete success.  The cost savings will be remarkable without reducing the efficiency and the quality of our pontoon products and service.

Our Commitments

With over 20 years’ experience, we build up our reputation by our team and quality products. We could provide the most cost efficient floating pontoon dock system at high standard.  As a professional manufacturer, we understand there are many other valuable commitments that we could make for our customers instead. We ensure that we will give our customers the best service as well as the best environment for close cooperation.

Our Facility

We built with high performance injection & blow molding machines in our plant. It has a modern equipped facility over 48,000 square meters. We are continuously developing of our floating pontoon dock product range to offer you the innovative solutions to your custom needs. Through the research and development work with institutions, most our projects are well supported, maintained and further developed. We are applying more efficient and modern technologies in modeling and simulation methods, and this improves and optimizes our further development.

Modern Equipments

Morden equipments with high efficient productivity

Original Material

Pure original HDPE raw material used in production

Floating Pontoon Dock

Modular production as per international standard

Safe Stock

Volume production for safe stock and urgent cases

Professional Facility

Professional facility to enable efficient production and high quality

Shipment Arrangement

Global shipping and delivery scheduling and arrangement