The Best Modular Floating Pontoons Manufacturer in China

We can manufacture modular floating pontoons according to your individual requirements and specifications. With over 20 years of experience, our company consults and provides all our clients one stop supports for any custom projects. We have supported and constructed many different floating pontoon docks and integrated solutions worldwide for both private and commercial applications.

The modular pontoon system offers fantastic and integrated solutions for all your custom needs. You could use them to build and construct floating jetties, floating cottages, floating swim pools, floating work platforms, floating bridges, and floating walkways. It can also be applied in a variety of offshore industrial projects and many other floating constructions such as marina docks and modular docking system.

floating dock system

Our outstanding pontoon system could make the anchor of your boat or watercraft easier and more enjoyable. It has many advantages over other options including versatility, durability, safety, and accommodation. We supply our clients unique modular pontoon cubes with industry expertise, product development, and quality assurance with creative ideas.

The modularity of our floating pontoon blocks could provide you with more possibilities and efficiency than any other floating pontoon system. Our turnkey solutions will dramatically save you time, money, and effort. You won’t have to run the risk that may be incompatible with other types of equipment.

Furthermore, we have experienced and skilled experts who will supervise your projects from the start to finish. We also have extensive experience in international complex projects. The quality of our plastic floating pontoon, installations, and supports are all well recognized by our clients worldwide.

We normally hold a safe stock for inventory in case of any urgent delivery and it should not be a problem for us to supply floating modular pontoons within a short time. Meanwhile, we are very happy to assist you to create the customized project layout once you provide us with more details, or even we can make pre-assembly and deliver it for you if you’d like us to.


Jet ski floating dock
Jet Ski Floating Dock
floating boat dock
Floating Boat Dock
Floating Kayak Dock
Floating Kayak Dock
floating bridge
Floating Pontoon Bridge
Recreational Floating Dock
Recreational Floating Dock
Floating jetty
Floating Pontoon Jetty
floating dock
Floating Pontoon Dock
Floating Swimming Pool
Floating Swimming Pool
Floating Platform
Pontoon Floating Platform
Floating Fish Cage
Floating Fish Cage
Floating Cottage
Dragon Boat Dock
Dragon Boat Dock
marina floating platform
Floating Work Platform
floating solar
Floating Solar Panels