We use only 100% original raw material of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in production. It includes in our entire product series. Complying with all ISO requirements and participating in annual independent audits by SGS, will allow us to remain focused on the satisfaction of our valuable customers. It also ensures that the floating pontoon blocks and accessories meet contract commitments most efficiently and effectively.
Benefiting from its toughness, durability, and Eco-Friendly features, our modular floating docks are to food-grade standards that ensure they will not damage the environment and are always safe to use, even on drinking water reservoirs. Moreover, we add Ultra Violet stabilizers offering a perfect high UV resistance for extreme weather conditions.

We offer pontoon blocks in GREY, BLUE, and ORANGE, but there are many other options available for custom requirements.

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Floating Dock

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Quality Guaranteed

20+ Years' Experience

Cost Efficiency

» Guaranteed 100% original HDPE material (High-Density Polyethylene)

» Modern high-performance equipment, highly efficient productivity

» Over 20 years experience in producing high-quality floating docks for boat

» International certificates guarantee a high standard of quality

» High-volume modular dock and safe stock ready for delivery 

 » Recognized quality and cost-efficient floating pontoon blocks for sale

Product Superiority

Navigating the turbulent waters of durability challenges head-on, our pontoon blocks emerge as the stalwart guardians against the relentless forces of corrosion, unyielding UV exposure, and the capricious whims of extreme weather events. Dive into the world of aquatic applications with confidence, for in the realm of reliability, our products reign supreme. We have meticulously engineered our pontoon blocks to deliver nothing less than exceptional longevity and unparalleled performance.

floating pontoon floats

Modularity - modular, changeable, and portable floating dock systems
Simplicity - lightweight, easy handling, and construction
Safety - non-slip surface design and no splinter and sharp edge
Flexibility - suitable for applications in any shape and size
Economy - no additional cost and maintenance free
Durability - long lifespan and corrosion, oxidation chemicals, oils resistance
Adaptability - capable for all climates at extreme high/low temperature, humidity, and strong UV