modular boat dock

Modular boat dock floats have become a disruptive force in the dock-building realm by providing an adaptable, resilient, and cost-effective substitute to conventional materials. It is the ideal solution for your waterfront property. You could find them in numerous applications such as residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental.

What is the Modular Boat Dock Floats?

Modular dock floats are block-shaped components crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which are utilized to construct floating docks, jetties, swimming platforms, and other floating structures. The floats are designed to dovetail with one another, providing a steadfast foundation for the superstructure above.

Advantages of Boat Dock Float System

Boat dock floats present several advantages that make them a practical and sustainable option for dock construction.


Its versatility allows for the creation of various structures such as marinas, swim platforms, and more. These floats also enable customization of configurations tailored to one’s specific needs.


These floats’ durability is attributed to their high-density polyethylene (HDPE) composition, making them impervious to rot, corrosion, and UV damage. Thus, these floats prove to be the ideal material for water-based structures, unlike wood or metal.


Modular dock floats are cost-effective alternatives to traditional dock building materials. Its effortless installation and minimal maintenance requirements allow for practical and economical use. Furthermore, these floats can be reused, giving owners the flexibility to reconfigure their docks according to their changing needs.


Notably, these floats also offer environmental benefits by reducing the ecological footprint of docks. As recycled materials comprise these blocks, they, too, can be recycled, thereby lowering the environmental impact of dock construction.


Why is there a lot of dock floats for sale at extremely low prices?

You can always find much cheaper or used dock floats for sale on the market because they are produced in any possible cheap ways. With our boat dock float plans, we have been investing large capital in R&D and high-performance equipment. Moreover, we use only 100% original raw HDPE materials and never use recycled ones in production, these enable our pontoons to have higher quality, better performance, and a longer lifespan than many others.

Can I install the floating dock system on my own?

Yes for sure, most of our clients install by themself. Our floating dock system is most easy to put together and install with simple instructions or assistance from us.

Do I need a permit to install a boat dock?

Some boat docks may require permits, depending on where your property is located. In most cases, the modular dock system is considered a temporary structure and may not require a permit. 

Do I need some special tools during installation?

We prepare a tool kit with the shipment. The kit comes with a T-handle wrench to screw mushroom pins and a plastic wrench for bolt sets.

How deep does the water need to be and is it working in shallow water?

Sure you can use it anywhere you can. The minimum functional water depth is measured at the back of the dock where the drive-on takes place. The floating dock system needs to be able to flex in order to drive on top of it. And it will lie down on the ground during low water levels.

Can I leave it in the water during Winter time?

Absolutely. Our modular docking system is designed to remain in the water all year round, even where freezing occurs. The dock simply “pops up” on top of the ice and is not damaged. It will rise and fall with the water level, protecting it and keeping it readily accessible.

Can I use it in heavy waves or strong wind?

Our boat docks are designed to be extremely durable, flexible, and lightweight. They could experience waves about 2 meters in height and roll with the waves. For heavy waves, it is necessary that you tie down your watercraft securely and frequently check and secure all connections.

Do I need to maintain the boat docks often?

Our boat docks are virtually maintenance-free. They can be cleaned with water to make them look like new. It’s a good idea that you check the connecting pins and attachment points to make sure everything is tight in winter.

What about the effects of extreme weather or sun rays?

Our boat dock system is made by HMWHDPE(Heavy molecular weight high-density polyethylene), and the unique specifications allow it to adapt to any conditions. With UV-stable composite, the sun will not destroy or alter the docks in any way, shape, or form.

Modular Boat Dock Float For Sale

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