What Is Floating Jetty System?

A floating jetty system is a platform or ramp usually joined to the shore where people could stand and walk on it for different purposes. As the leading floating pontoon suppliers in China, our jetty floats are affordable and highly effective solution for marina piers, boat docks, walkways, bridges, platforms and can be assembled to create whatever shape and size you like.

The humanization design of anti-skid surface to make sure safety and stability during operation. And the modularity, changeable and portable concepts enable it the most advanced and competent at light weight,easy handling and construction. They also have a long lifespan of over 20 years without any preservation or maintenance expenses.

A floating jetty will make your time on water more enjoyable & forgetable…

What Is The Use Of Floating Jetty?

Floating jetties are mostly used in stagnant water (sea, lake, pond) and can be used regardless of the water level. Usually, they are used to take off and put on boats (boating jetty) or the entry and exit for bathers (bathing jetty).


The jetty floats are designed to accommodate different types of accessories and adapt to all of your floating project. They are perfectly suited for recreational activities like swimming, party, camping and other leisure activities, etc.


They are the most creative and ideal solutions for most of the water sports. They are widely used as the floating platform for sports such as sailing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, water skiing, etc.


The portable floating pontoon jetty makes it available to suit any individual requirements for marina docking system. They can be configured to variety of docks or piers for spead boat, fishing boat, jet ski or other PWC.


They can easily set up a work platform to meet your project requirements. They can be used in various industrial settings such as construction, repair and maintenance of bridges, canals, harbors, treatment plants.

floating pontoon bridge

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