Ultimate Guide to Floating Docks for Sale: Everything You Need to Know

At Pontoon China, we offer you unlimited configurations of high density plastic floating docks for sale alternative to traditional wooden, metal, and concrete docks. With extensive experience over twenty years, our floating dock cubes have been installed in residential, marina, rowing, fishing, and work platforms all over the world.
No matter what kind of application, our modular floating dock systems are guaranteed to support and apply any of your custom needs. To Discover the unique benefits of the multi-functional modular docking system, Let’s find out!

What Are They?

Standard Floating Docks

These dock blocks are modular in design and manufactured at high standard, they can be assembled to form any size, shape, and configuration. It's an ideal choice for various types of watercraft, including fishing boats, PWCs, power catamarans, rigid inflatables, rafts, kayaks, canoes, etc.

V Shape and U Shape Docks

Shaped Drive on Docks are characterized by their angular configuration, which maximizes space efficiency while providing multiple berthing points for boats. They not only enhance visual appeal but also facilitate smooth navigation for watercraft entering and exiting the floating dock for boats.

What Else?

In addition, we offer one of the most complete ranges of floating dock accessories in the industry to further customize your dock for recreational or commercial use.

Handrails: Offer supplementary support and safety, particularly in zones with high foot traffic.
Mushroom Pins: Ensure steadfast anchoring of the dock, averting drift or displacement in turbulent waters.
Cleat: The essential accessory for your boat dock, installed on your boat to tie boat fenders to the sides of your boat for bumper protection.
Bolt Sets: Indispensable for securely assembling modular docks, guaranteeing structural integrity.
Fenders: Safeguard both the dock and vessels from damage attributable to impact or friction.
Dock Ladders: Facilitate easy access to and from the water for swimmers or boaters.

Bollard steel
Bolt long
Bolt tool

Where They Apply

Modular floating dock systems aren't just pretty platforms. They're versatile champs, fit for:

Recreational Floating Dock


Whether you're fishing, sunbathing, or just chilling, floating docks are your water-side BFFs. Even water parks and resorts can't get enough of their fun factor.

Recreational Floating Dock


From maritime projects to solar panel setups, these plastic docks mean business. Their modular design makes it perfect for any industrial gig that needs a stable platform.

Recreational Floating Dock


Marinas, fish farms, even floating houses—floating docks do it all. They're durable, cost-effective, and way more flexible than those traditional fixed docks.

Whom To Use

Floating docks cater to a wide range of customers, including:

floating dock accessories


Individual waterfront property owners constitute a significant segment of our customer base. Whether it's enhancing personal waterfront access or creating a private oasis for recreational activities, our PWC floating docks empower individuals to make the most of their waterfront assets.

floating dock accessories


Yacht clubs, fishing clubs and recreational organizations are seeking reliable docking solutions for their members. Our floating docks provide unparalleled access to recreational water activities. From yacht clubs to water sports associations, we serve as central hubs for community engagement and aquatic enjoyment.

floating dock accessories


Businesses involved in maritime operations, tourism, or aquaculture that require more durable and versatile floating docks.
Marine construction firms, property developers, and commercial enterprises require robust and reliable floating dock systems for various projects and applications.

Why To Choose?

floating dock for boat
plastic pontoons for sale

Why Is Floating Pontoon Dock Your Best Choice?

Modular floating docks are made of low-maintenance materials. They are easy to expand and can be assembled like building blocks. It allows you to configure and reconfigure your floating boat dock to best suit your needs at any given time.  Read More

Why Choose Our Plastic Floating Pontoon Docks?

As a professional floating dock manufacturer, you should choose us because our pontoon docks are modular in design, much stronger, longer lifespan, and are less expensive than almost all other docks. Here are the reasons why  Read More