Plastic Dock Blocks - Innovative Solution for Waterfront Construction

Plastic Dock Blocks are a perfect choice for a reliable and customizable floating dock solution. They are made from durable and eco-friendly HDPE materials and can be configured to fit any size or shape of watercraft or waterfront property.  These modular plastic docks offer a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for creating a customized floating dock system, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial use.



Size: 50cmx50cmx40cm(±0.3cm) (19.7 in x 19.7 in x 15.7 in)

Weight: 7Kg(±0.2Kg)(15.4 lbs)

Loading Capacity: Up to 360 kg (794 lbs)

Standard: Q/MFFT-2013

Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors

Color Options: Orange, Grey, Blue, or any custom colors available upon request

Various Applications of Plastic Dock Blocks

Plastic dock blocks are versatile and durable products used in various industries. They are ideal for creating floating docks in the marine industry, temporary structures in construction projects, retaining walls in landscaping, and feed bunks in agriculture. These plastic blocks are a cost-effective and reliable solution for many applications, which include:

Boat Docks: Whether it is a minute personal watercraft or an enormous boat, Plastic Dock Blocks can furnish an unswerving and sound framework for docking. Our dock blocks are adaptable to fit any measurement or outline of the boat, rendering it a versatile solution for any marine vessel.

Jet Ski Docks: In the case of owning a jet ski or any other kind of private watercraft, the Dock Blocks can present comfortable and safe modular docking systems. Our blocks are intended to provide a steady and secure platform for your jet ski, facilitating an effortless launch and retrieval of your watercraft.

kayak plastic dock blocks for sale

Swim Platforms: The Blocks can be employed to build a floating swim platform that presents a secure and enjoyable place to swim, sunbathe, and unwind. They can be customized to any measurement or outline, making it uncomplicated to establish a personalized swim platform that matches your requirements.

Floating Bridges: In a scenario where a floating bridge needs to be constructed to cross a body of water, these Dock Blocks can offer a robust and secure foundation. They can be linked together to create a stable and trustworthy floating bridge that can endure substantial loads.

Waterfront Properties: If an individual possesses a waterfront property, Plastic Dock Blocks can provide a trouble-free and appealing approach to gaining access to the water. Our docks can be adapted to fit any measurement or outline of the shoreline, supplying a stable and safe dock for fishing, boating, and other aquatic activities.

Marina Dock: For marinas that require extra dock space, the Blocks deliver an economical and customizable solution. Our dockblocks can be adapted to fit any measurement or outline of the marina, furnishing a stable and secure framework for boat owners to dock their vessels.

Commercial Floating Dock: The Blocks are also an ideal option for commercial purposes, such as aquaculture, fish farming, and water treatment facilities. They can be tailored to produce personalized floating structures that fulfill the precise requirements of these industries.

Emergency Services: In the event of a natural disaster, such as a flood or hurricane, Plastic Dock Blocks can provide a vital resource for emergency services. They can be quickly and easily deployed to create temporary docks, bridges, and other structures that are essential for rescue and recovery efforts.

How to Assemble Plastic Dock Blocks

One of the great advantages of Plastic Dock Blocks is their ease of installation. Here are the dock blocks assembly steps:

By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily assemble Dock Blocks into a floating dock system that meets your specific needs. For more information on installation and assembly, please refer to the instructions that come with your dock blocks or contact the floating dock dealer near you or our customer service team directly.

Drive-On Docks: The Smart Choice for Easy Boat Launching and Docking

plastic dock block shaped grey

The Drive-On Dock Blocks offer an optimal solution for those seeking a dependable and stable docking system for their watercraft. These blocks, composed of high-density polyethylene, are tailor-made to endure harsh marine settings and deliver long-lasting resiliency.