The floating Pontoon Dock system provides a broad range of applications. It is made of ultraviolet stabilized, High Density Polyethylene. Its surface is clean and resistant to algae growth. Our pontoon dock may additionally be positioned at the stop of both a pontoon area or a sequence of physique modules.

It is a durable floating dock system that can be used as drive-on boat dock, jet ski dock, swim pool, temporary badges, or any other floating platforms, and much more.

floating pontoon dock system
floating pontoon boat dock

Modular, Adaptable, Affordable and Easy to Install

The plastic dock floats is a modular made docking system. If you are planning to expand your floating dock to a large one? Not a problem! Simply add the floating dock with no exceptional equipment required. They can be purchased and delivered fully assembled while others are designed for easy assembly by a handy do-it-yourself.

Because of these reasons, installing a modular floating boat dock is usually much less expensive than other types of boat docks.

They are expandable and interchangeable, making them extraordinarily versatile. It is secure and convenient when you drive your watercraft on a floating dock. And due to the effortless modular design, the floating docks could be customized to suit your needs.

Remarkable Advantages To Own Your Custom Dock

The quick and easy install features allow you to construct it into whatever shape and size you need it to be.
We use HDPE material to produce the dock cubes and accessories which make its quality and performance much better than other modular floating docks.
Non-skid and no large gaps designs are safer and reduce any possible injury to the passengers. It is an ideal floating pontoon system at all seasons because of the maintenance-free and UV protection specifications.

Why Choose Our Plastic Floating Pontoon Docks?

For your custom project, you should choose Pontoon China because our pontoon docks are modular design, much stronger, longer lifespan, and are less expensive than almost all other docks. Here are the reasons why  –Read More