Over 20 Years of Experience

Founded in 2000, our extensive experience sets us apart from many other manufacturers in the marine industry and gives us a competitive edge in providing our customers with high-quality plastic floating pontoons and exceptional service.

Over the years, we have honed our expertise and developed a deep understanding of the materials, technology, and techniques required to produce the best floating pontoon docks. We have also had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, from small residential docks to large-scale commercial installations. This breadth of experience has given us a unique perspective on the industry, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve our products and services.

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Adopt 100% HDPE Pontoons Material

We use only 100% pure HDPE pontoon materials in production. That’s why our plastic pontoon floats are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear, making them an ideal choice for use in marine environments.

In order to lower the plastic pontoon price as much as possible, there are quite a few floating pontoon manufacturers that use recycled polyethylene pontoons material in their products. While recycled materials can be a cost-effective solution, they are often not as durable as pure, virgin materials. This is the reason why those cheaper pontoon floats can be easily prone to cracking, warping, and other forms of damage, especially in marine environments where exposure to saltwater, UV rays, and other factors can accelerate wear and tear.

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Committed to What You Need

We are always committed to developing, producing, and customizing plastic pontoon for docks that are adapted to our client’s demands worldwide. Our knowledge in the industry allows us to best meet your needs while taking your possible budget into consideration. We are able to provide the most reliable and cost-efficient plastic pontoon floats for sale on the market. They are prepared and ready to use for any scale of your projects.

We understand that our client’s time is precious. This is why we created low-maintenance, easy platforms. You shouldn’t be spending weekends and afternoons changing plans or restaining your floating platform. Pontoon China will let you get the most out of your waterfront property.

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Design Your Floating Pontoon Dock

The plastic floating pontoon is a fantastic option for designing your portable floating dock. Our experts can work with you to create a design that is an extension of your lifestyle and enhances the fun and enjoyment of your waterfront. Whether you’re looking to use your dock for recreational activities or for docking boats, we can help maximize your waterfront space and enhance your overall enjoyment of your property.

If you have any individual requirements for your projects, please feel free to contact the Pontoon China team for a customized solution! 

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Qualifications to Guarantee

ISO certification is an internationally recognized quality management system. It is the preferred and high-standard regulation for organizations worldwide.

With the achievement of the ISO9001 certificate and approval by SGS, we have been the leading floating pontoon manufacturers and suppliers in China for over 20 years. We are concentrating on research and development to offer the highest quality plastic floating pontoon for sale on the market.

The raw material is a vital element for quality, we have been building up a long-term partnership with the global leading raw HDPE material suppliers of SAUDI POLYMERS, CNOOC, and SHELL.

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Key Features of Plastic Floating Pontoon

Long lifespan and Durability

The floating structures are designed with definitely no maintenance. There are no nails popping out, no rotten wood, and no chemical substances leaking into the water. With our products, you get simply one aspect — the durable, awesome floating pontoon blocks. You can spend greater time swimming whilst playing with peace of mind.

Engineered with Safety in Mind

Our pontoon floats are engineered to be safe, have nonskid surfaces, and are easy to handle. Everyone will recognize the splinter and nail-free construction.

Customized Options

From swim ladders to dock slides, the modular dock makes it effortless to add a range of add-ons and configurable merchandise to create your own style floating platform.

Simple Installation

The modular plastic pontoons are totally stable, making it handy for even the youngest swimmers to enter and exit the water. They additionally accommodate fluctuating water levels, permitting for convenient get right of entry to the water throughout each low and excessive tide.

Environmentally Friendly

The environmentally secure polyethylene floor assures season after season of low-maintenance service. The UV-protected, puncture-resistant dock is color-molded with a slip-resistant floor that sheds water and the sun’s severe temperature.

Why Is Floating Pontoon Dock Your Best Choice?

Modular floating docks are made of low-maintenance materials. They are easy to expand and can be assembled like building blocks. It allows you to configure and reconfigure your floating boat dock to best suit your needs at any given time. And due to the effortless modular design, the floating docks could be customized to suit all your custom needs. Read More