Pontoon China– We design and create cutting edge modular plastic dock floats in China. The plastic docks provide the docking solutions for all your custom needs. They will allow you for more space on water and  pretty simple to assemble by your own. 

Here is how we prepare, deliver and build a plastic docks for fishing & leisure on the lake.

Arrangement For Delivery

They are pretty simple to construct. You will stay dry and they don’t require any works getting down into the water. You could build your dock in cold weather before using in hot summer.

The material of HDPE plastic has better performance than others, it makes the docks light weight, much stronger and super easy to handle.

plastic dock floats


It needs no more experiences to assemble plastic dock floats. First thing is to joint every 4 floats together as one unit by the mushroom pins. It will save you lots of time while the project is ongoing. Once you have a fully framed dock finished then It’s time to attach them altogether.

HDPE floating dock
floating docks for sale
floating docks for fishing
floating dock system


Now the plastic dock project is finished and how about it? Be sure to follow all manufacturer’s guidelines. Please don’t forget to secure it at last. If you still have questions about how to use the plastic modular dock system or any other concerns, please contact us for further assistance or help.

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