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Jet ski floating dock

What Are The Advantages of Floating Jet Ski Dock?

For over 20 years, Pontoon China has been the leader of modular floating docks for commercial and private use. Our jet ski floating dock is pretty easy to install and drive on. The modular, rotationally molded construction makes it virtually maintenance-free.HDPE material has the easiest load and launches in the […]

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rowing dock

7 Benefits of Modular Floating Pontoons You Should Know

Nowadays floating pontoons are used everywhere, from theme parks to marinas and from temporary to permanent. All these applications benefit from their maneuverability, durability, and performance. It has led to their rapid and wide expansion as an excellent alternative to traditional fixed docks because of their easy handling, maintenance free […]

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Floating jetty meaning

What You Know About Floating Jetty System?

What Is a Floating Jetty System? A floating jetty means a platform or ramp usually joined to the shore where people could stand and walk on it for different purposes. As the leading floating jetty manufacturer in China, our HDPE jetty floats are affordable and highly effective solutions for marina piers, […]

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floating rowing dock

Make Your Custom Floating Kayak Dock & Rowing Dock

A floating kayak dock is a type of dock that is designed to float on the water’s surface, providing easy access to kayaks, canoes, and other small watercraft. It’s easy to install and customize, making it a great option for both personal and commercial use. You can choose from a […]

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modular plastic dock

How Do We Build a Plastic Dock Project?

Pontoon China– is a company that specializes in designing and creating plastic dock floats that are ideal for all your custom needs. These plastic docks are cutting-edge and provide docking solutions that are simple to assemble on your own, making them perfect for fishing and leisure activities on the lake. […]

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modular boat dock

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Dock System

A modular Floating Dock system is the ideal solution for your waterfront property. You could find them in numerous applications such as residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental. If you couldn’t find out what you are looking for please contact our team for your individual requirements. We will help you out […]

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plastic modular docking system

Choose Your Ideal Modular Docking Systems From Pontoon China

Modular docking systems are the ideal docking solutions for your boats, jet skis, kayaks, watercraft, and many other water sports activities. Made with original high-density polyethylene materials, the boat docking system is extremely light, durable, and easy to install. It does not require any special tools or technical skills. The […]

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dragon boat

Building The Perfect Floating Dock For Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Jie;端午节) is a traditional Chinese holiday that occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar. Its current iteration is an amalgamation of multiple different festivals and traditions worldwide. The Dragon Boat Festival is a celebration where many eat rice dumplings (zongzi), […]

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