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Over 500 pcs Plastic Floating Dock Cubes Heading to The Philippines

We just completed loading a 40ft container of floating dock cubes with swim ladders, for aquatic reservoirs located in the Philippines. The market for floating docks in the Philippines is expanding at a tremendous rate due to the country’s escalating interest in aquatic sports and entertainment. The Philippines’ vast coastline and numerous islands make it an ideal spot for floating docks, which serve various purposes, such as facilitating access to watercraft, creating swim areas, and providing outdoor relaxation spaces.

The demand to buy floating dock cubes is particularly high in tourist locations. As the market keeps growing, there is an increasingly pressing requirement for high-quality, long-lasting products that can withstand the unique weather patterns of the Philippines.

PONTOON CHINA is a professional floating docks manufacturer that takes great pride in providing top-quality, customized cube docks to clients across the globe. Our highly skilled team, equipped with vast industry knowledge and expertise, is dedicated to developing solutions that cater precisely to our client’s needs and financial constraints.

We are steadfast in our commitment to delivering the most dependable and cost-effective floating dock cube for sale on the market. We stand by our assertion that our prices are more competitive than our competitors. Irrespective of the scale of your project, our modular docks offer the resilience and versatility necessary to get the job done.

Benefits of Choosing Our Dock Cubes for Your Marine Equipment


In our company, we hold an unwavering comprehension that each and every client harbors distinctive requisites when it pertains to maritime apparatus. Within this vast assortment, one shall uncover cube docks, rectangular quays, and L-shaped docking system, all meticulously customized to align with the exacting specifications. Whether your aspirations involve the procurement of a floating dock, a versatile floating platform for your equipment, or a docking system poised to effortlessly conform to water levels, our offerings encompass it all.


We take immense satisfaction in the artistry behind our plastic floating dock cubes, engineered to endure even the most formidable challenges, including the erosive influence of saltwater, the unrelenting assault of UV rays. It is this enduring tenacity that fortifies their reliability and extends their lifespan well into the foreseeable future. Unlike conventional fixed floating docking systems, our modular dock cubes impose minimal maintenance obligations, culminating in the diminution of the total upkeep expenditure and the augmentation of your docks’ longevity. So, why would you resign to a suboptimal docking solution when the advantages of our robust, low-maintenance plastic docks await?

Installation and Transport

Our plastic dock cubes flaunt a modular and featherweight configuration. They establish themselves as an impeccable companion for a sweeping array of applications, enshrining marinas, waterfront estates, and construction sites within their sphere of utility. Whether the exigency manifests as the necessity for a floating dock system to cater to your marina’s needs, the desire for a private quay of your waterside property, or the demand for a provisional dock , our modular dock cubes can be transported and installed with unparalleled speed and simplicity. Why would you willingly embrace a laborious and inconvenient docking solution when our modular dock cubes extend the flexibility and convenience?


Our modular dock cubes are engineered to be robust and enduring, thus rendering them an exceptional investment for a gamut of objectives. They can function as floating work platforms, swimming platforms, angling stations, and beyond. Additionally, they can be structured in diverse shapes and sizes, which makes them appropriate for various depths of water and contours of shorelines.


Compared to customary stationary floating docks, our modular docks furnish a cost-efficient resolution that demands minimal to no upkeep. They are priced competitively in contrast to traditional stationary floating docks, and their low maintenance requirements aid in curtailing your general expenses over time.

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