100 SQM Floating Dock Floats Shipped To Malaysia

The market for floating docks in Malaysia has been experiencing substantial expansion in recent times, attributable to the rise in demand for waterfront properties and water activities. In response, companies in this sector are consistently developing new and improved products and services to cater to evolving needs.

Pontoon China is a reputable floating dock floats manufacturer in China, and has completed loading 100 SQM premium-quality modular dock floats up until midnight yesterday. We pride ourselves not only on delivering top-of-the-line products but also on providing unparalleled customer service.

Our dock floats are constructed using durable HDPE materials designed to withstand marine environments while offering secure platforms for all water activities. Furthermore, we strive to deliver outstanding customer service that ensures each of our client’s needs are fulfilled professionally and efficiently.

“We understand our customers depend on Pontoon China to deliver only high-quality floating dock system and integrated solutions,” explained Johansson Mou, Production Manager of Pontoon China. To guarantee an effortless experience for our clients we aim to not only produce premium products but also provide unparalleled services that ensure we give an effortless service experience.”

With rising demands for waterfront properties and watersports in Malaysia, floating dock floats for sale on the market are projected to increase exponentially over time. Companies like us stand ready to meet this growing need by providing innovative yet superior solutions and services to meet that need.

modular floating dock floats

Modular Dock Floats provide an efficient method of launching and retrieving watercraft of various sizes – jet boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, PWCs, power catamarans kayaks canoes. Incorporating them into any boating situation – be it home use or marina boat parking spots is straightforward – plus additional floats can easily be added when purchasing additional vessels!

Dock Floats for Easy Docking

Our floating dock floats are some of the safest, user-friendly nautical products on the market today. Our revolutionary drive-on floating docks boast simple construction with no required maintenance allowing for greater enjoyment out on the water! Additionally, we provide customized jet ski docks and pontoon float alternatives.

Customizable Floating Docks & Walkway Systems

We recognize that docking needs differ depending on your marina or watercraft, which is why we provide some of the most versatile floating docks and walkway systems on the market. From modular floating docks, portable floating docks, L-shaped docks or U-shaped docks – whatever meets your specifications best, our modular docking systems come in various forms sizes orientations that best match up with what suits you; Additionally these versatile systems can even work without water! Furthermore, these versatile floating docking systems work great with deep waters, shallow waters or no water!

Floating Dock Floats for Jet Ski & PWC Lifts

Jet ski and personal watercraft (PWC) hulls exposed to water may become susceptible to delamination and intake fouling; unfortunately, it’s challenging to adapt traditional motorized boat lift mechanisms to personal watercraft like PWC or jet skis. Due to our innovative and tailored solutions for our floating dock system’s innovative PWC/jet ski dock alternatives. These solutions accommodate Seadoos, Waverunners, as well as any other watercraft!

Build Your Floating Dock Project With Pontoon China

Pontoon China provides an exceptional option for constructing your floating dock project, with a vast array of benefits to offer. We utilize solely the highest-grade materials in all of its products, which ensures enduring strength and durability. Moreover, our team of proficient specialists boasts extensive experience in the industry and can provide tailored options to suit your unique requirements.

As a leading floating dock manufacturer, our floating docks are safe, durable and commercially certified. Do not hesitate to contact our floating dock solution expert to discuss your custom need for your project.


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