speed boat dock

What is Plastic Pontoon Dock and How Does It Work?

Plastic pontoon docks have emerged as a multifaceted and versatile option for waterfront properties. They offer unparalleled flexibility and adaptability in waterfront construction, making them a compelling choice for any property owner. The objective of this exposition is to provide a comprehensive overview of the composition and multifarious advantages of […]

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Jet ski floating dock

What Are The Advantages of Floating Jet Ski Dock?

For over 20 years, Pontoon China has been the leader of floatfling dock supplier for commercial and private use. Our jet ski floating dock is pretty easy to install and drive on. The modular, rotationally molded construction makes it virtually maintenance-free.Jet ski dock float has the easiest load and launches […]

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plastic pontoons for sale

Container Loading & Shipping of HDPE Pontoon Floats To Clients Worldwide

We take pride in producing modular floating structures using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pontoons. HDPE pontoons offer distinct advantages over other materials, making them versatile and cost-effective solutions for various water bodies – turbulent oceans or calm lakes. We are the leading modular pontoons manufacturer who is devoted to supply the […]

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rowing dock

Benefits of Plastic Pontoon floats You Should Know

Nowadays plastic pontoon floats are used everywhere, from theme parks to marinas and from temporary to permanent. All these applications benefit from their maneuverability, durability, and performance. It has led to their rapid and wide expansion as an excellent alternative to traditional fixed docks because of their easy handling, maintenance […]

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types of floating docks

Get the Perfect Waterfront Solution with Modular Plastic Docks

In the sector of waterfront properties, marinas, and commercial enterprises, the modular plastic docks are widely used for a long period. They provide a plethora of benefits, epitomized by their ruggedness, adaptability, and straightforward installation procedure. Deconstructing Modular Plastic Docks The essence of modular floating docks are meticulously engineered from […]

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Floating jetty meaning

What You Know About Floating Jetty System?

What Is a Floating Jetty System? A floating jetty means a platform or ramp usually joined to the shore where people could stand and walk on it for different purposes. As the leading floating pontoon jetty supplier in China, our modular jetty floats are affordable and highly effective solutions for marina […]

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floating solar plants

From Water to Watts: Explore the World’s 10 Biggest Floating Solar Plants

The global transition towards renewable energy sources has paved the way for innovative solutions, and floating solar plants have emerged as a promising alternative to traditional solar installations. By harnessing the sun’s power on water bodies, these projects offer unique advantages such as increased energy production and conservation of land […]

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modular floating dock

Why Plastic Floating Docks Are Perfect for Boat Docking

A Premium Alternative to Traditional Boat Docking The adoption of plastic floating docks as a substitute for conventional wooden or metal boat docks is steadily gaining momentum. Boat docks stand as indispensable infrastructures for boat proprietors, offering a secure and unwavering platforms. The emergence of plastic floating docks introduces an […]

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